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​The Great Choral Synagouge

Davening Times



Mincha 10 Min. Before Sunset


Shachris 9am


Mincha 25 min. before sunset


Maariv 60 min. after Sunset

 The Kiev Mikvah

The mikva is of vital importance to the life of religious

Jewry. Our mikva was constructed and is

maintained according to the strictest requirements of

Halacha. We recently finished constructing a

brand new modern state of art mikvah to serve the needs

of the Jewish Community.


For more information or to book an appointment please call


Matzah Factory

Our matza bakery produces and provides kosher lepe_

sach matza to cities all over Ukraine. We also

export the matza to different communities in the

former Soviet Union states as well as to countries around the world, i.e. to Great Britain, France, Germany and Argentina. The matza factory produces over 250 tons of matza for Pesach. It has a capability of producing about four tons of matza daily.

Our matza factory plays a major role even in the lives of many unaffiliated Jews as a symbol of Jewish tradition and eternity.

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