• TENS OF THOUSANDS from Eastern Ukraine have been forced to leave their homes

  •  there has been a massive surge in violence; including vandalism, indiscriminate bombings, kidnappings and killing of civilians.

  • To ensure their safety, residents of Donetsk and Luhansk are fleeing and looking for safe havens to run to.

  • Banks are closed, stores are empty people are starving and scared  





  • UJCEEA is providing shelter, food,and Financial and medical-aid to all Ukrainians in need. 

  • Every day we have more people coming to KIEV to stay in the shelter.

  • The temporary shelter is our Kosher Hotel Poldol INN 

  • Voucher are being given for food 

  • 24 hour hotline for all Ukrainians in need.




  • Transportation:  between Donetsk  and Luhansk and Kiev using private motorcoach rentals     Cost: $7,000


  • Transportation Security: 1 armed security guard aboard each motorcoach rental                          Cost $1,500


  • Hotel: lodging at the Podol Inn hotel located in Kiev. 21 rooms are available at a rate of $50/night for the duration of 30 nights, as a temporary solution until the dorms are prepared  63 people                                        Cost  $31,500


  • Hotel Security: additional security at the hotel for the 30 day duration                                             Cost  $2,000


  • Food: in the form of a food voucher to be used at the restaurant in the hotel, 3 meals a day. $15/per person for 30 days, estimated 63 people*                                                                                                                       Cost $28,350


  • Emergency Reserve Money: money set aside for medical emergencies, providing necessities and medication, and other high priority immediate needs of refugees                                                                                 Cost  $10,000


  • Individual Family Allowance: $100 allowance per family for the month, split into $50 cash and $50 voucher to the local store                                                                                                                                                             Cost     $2,500


  •    Student Center: recreational activities to be provided for the children and internet access to be provided for adults at an approximate cost of $150/day                                                                                                          Cost  $4,500



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