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January 1990  At the request of the Kiev Jewish Community, Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich was sent by the Stoliner Rebbe to Kiev, to serve as the Rabbi of the Kiev Synagogue in Podol, the only functioning synagogue in Kiev.


July 1990 -  Machane Shuva, the first Jewish summer camp in Ukraine is opened.


October 1990 - Opening of the first Jewish Day School in Kiev on board a ship.


December 1990 - State Educational Authorities licensed the Kiev Jewish Day School #299.


1991 - Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich became the Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine founding of the Union of Jewish Religious Organizations of Ukraine.


1992 - Opening of the Kiev Jewish Kindergarten


1995 - Opening of the Yeshiva Orach Chaim, licensed by the National Educational Authorities of Ukraine.


1996 - Opening of the Orach Chaim Children's Homes,licensed by the State Educational Authorities.


1998 -  Member of the Council of Churches and Religious Organizations of Ukraine.


1999 -  Founding of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine to represent the Jews of Ukraine locally and abroad.


2002 -  Purchasing of the campgrounds for the Ronald S. Lauder Camp Shuva outside of Kiev.


2003 - Rededication of the restored Kiev Podol Synagogue.


2004 - Opening of the Bais Yaakov Galitsky Synagogue after renovation.


2005 - First residents moved into the Kiev Home for Assisted Living Facilities.


2007 - Opening of the Professor Vladimir Shifrin Kiev Jewish Educational Center.


2009 - The first interreligious meeting of the members of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations in Israel.


2011 - 70TH Anniversary of Baby Yar Tragedy.


2011 - Member of the Advisory Board of the Jewish Ukrainian Encounter.

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