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Kansas city Gunmen calls Kiev Security hotline to harras Rabbi Siegal

New York - The Department of Justice is investigating a phone conversation between a New Jersey rabbi and the former Ku Klux Klan member who killed three people in the Kansas City area, placed just two weeks before the homicidal rampage, VIN News has learned.

Rabbi Menachem Siegal, a Lakewood resident who runs the website , spoke with Frazier Glenn Cross, also known as Frazier Glenn Miller on March 30th at 12:26 PM, when Miller called the American Friends of Kiev hotline.

“He was very upset that we were collecting money for Jews in the Ukraine and he started off the conversation asking me why Jews are collecting money for security in the Ukraine when the revolution was caused by the Jewish people themselves,” Rabbi Siegal told VIN News.

According to Rabbi Siegal, Miller called the organizations hotline at 718 676 4099 and had to press 3 to get trough, on the phone call Miller, indicated that it was an article he had read in Haaretz that gave him the impression that Jews were to blame for the current unrest in the Ukraine.

“I explained to him that there are Jews who are being beaten up in the Ukraine and we are collecting money to help and he responded by saying that he wished that Hitler had come to the United States and finished the job he started in Europe.”

Given the chilling anti-Semitic overtone of the ten minute long conversation, Rabbi Siegal took note of the name and number on the caller ID. VIN News has verified that the number in question was registered to Miller.

“It was clear throughout the conversation that he was an anti-Semite,” said Rabbi Siegal. “He said that the Jews are responsible for everything that goes on in the world, how they are destroying the economy in the United States, controlling the world economy. He used words that I wouldn’t even repeat and kept saying that Hitler should have come to America and finished off the Jews here as well.”

Rabbi Siegal said that it was clear from Miller’s voice that he was clearly an older person.

“I asked him, ‘Are you bored? Is this what you do all day? Call Jewish organizations and tell them what Hitler should have done?’ He started talking about the Jews living in the Midwest and how we have to get rid of them.”

The caller ID shows Miller called The Kiev Jewish Org.

After hanging up with Miller, Rabbi Siegal contemplated contacting the authorities, but was dissuaded by several people with whom he shared the disturbing phone call.

“When I heard about the shootings and I heard it was an old man screaming ‘Heil Hitler’, I went crazy. I knew it was him and when the name came out I was able to find it on my caller ID and I contacted the Overland police,” said Rabbi Siegal.

The Department of Justice confirmed to VIN News, that they are aware of the phone call between Rabbi Siegal and Miller but refused to comment, saying only that an investigation is underway.

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