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Another confirmation of the thesis that in the case of any extreme zavarushki become JewsPhoto: Anatoly Gendin

Unknown left at the main entrance of the synagogue reformist "Ner Tamid" in Simferopol antisemitic inscriptions and swastikas.Found the inscription "Death to the Jews" left on the facade of the house of worship and doors, head of the Association of Jewish Communities of Crimea Anatoly Gendin. He noted that this is the first such incident in the past 20 years, reported the online edition of "Daily Forum" .According Gendina to leave these inscriptions, "had to climb over the two-meter fence.""I understand that from the day of the revolution in the life of the Maidan in Kiev in Ukraine has become 30% more expensive, I understand that the" Savings Bank "has stopped the payment of pensions (...) I understand that provocateurs want to pay attention to the common people, the" who's to blame in such bad changes. "And we know from history that always blame the Jews, what will happen now? I do not know," - said the head of the Association of Jewish Communities of Crimea.It is worth noting that a few days ago unknown threw "Molotov cocktails" one of the synagogues in Kiev.

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