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Dear Friends,

      As you may know last year I spent the summer in Camp Shuva, Ukraine.

I saw the tremendous impact one summer can have on a child. And especially a child from Ukraine. This year I will be going back as the head councleor!!


I know how great camp is for these children and I know that with a little more we can really make a difference. I have set up a goal to raise $ for a few extra curricular programs and trips. We will be having a night seder program , where the children will come and voluntarily learn. Last year I taught 3 children how to read hebrew and this year I would like to implement a program that we can teach many more.


My goal is to raise $500 for the night seder program to give incentives to the children coming.


I would also like to bring all the children on a special trip for this program which will cost $1000.


Since all of these chilkdren come from homes trhat they dont keep kosher and mitzvos Camp Shuva really instills in them the beuty of Yiddishkeit. I I raise enough $ I would also like to bring 2 pairs of teffilin for boys that dont have!!


Please help this unbelievable oppurtunity.


Thanks KIKI!!



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