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Ukraine Lifesaving Project!


Due to the current invasion of Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine there has been and continues to be mass destruction and havoc in all areas of Donetsk and Lugansk. The streets are dangerous 24 hours a day, as gunshots and the rebel bombarding continues killing innocent civilians. Electricity has been cut off, food supplies are very limited and civilians are trapped and in danger. Thousands are fleeing without their personal belongings, money, a place to go and they have nowhere to turn!!

United Jewish communities of eastern Europe and Asia has opened communication channels, secured transportation and opened their doors in Kiev to bring hundreds of people to a safe and secure environment away from the warzone areas in. UJCEEA has also made it possible for individual families to move to Israel should they chose.

Masha, an 8 month pregnant mom, from Donetsk is one of the many people already staying at one of the UJCEEA shelters. "I really wanted to stay with my doctor and have my baby next month in Donetsk. But when my own Doctor advised me to leave and said it would not be safe to deliver my child here in Donetsk, I had no place to go! I had no idea what I would do until local clergy connected me to UJCEEA who invited and transported us to their Lifesaving Program in Kiev! Immediately my husband Sasha and I packed whatever we could to fit in a few hand bags and left with our 10 year old son Yasha. It wasn’t so easy to escape but UJCEEA helped with the money and connection to safe passage. When we got to Kiev we knew we were safe. Our son Yasha was also immediately able to join Camp Shuva changing his daily fears to wonderful activities with his peers.

The Jewish community of Ukraine headed by Chief Rabbi Bleich and UJCEEA are providing the refugees with immediate assistance and are searching for long term solutions at the Kiev Jewish community center in Podol.

Shelter and other accommodations to include hot meals and other food products, water and hygiene products, clothing, life necessities, available medical care, monthly stipend, special family summer camps and psychological treatment are already being provided to more than 100 displaced persons.

Additionally, immediate assistance is being provided to families who are interested in immigrating to Israel or joining other Jewish communities across Ukraine. At this time of emergency, the Ukrainian "refugees" desperately need your support. Please donate generously to help provide all their needs

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